Rod Martinez and Sophia furious over their wedding video

When it comes to wedding ceremonies, there are no do-overs.

This is exactly what made Rod Martinez and Sophia so upset. They felt that the videographer they rented to click those once-in-a-lifetime bits went wrong big time.
Rod Martinez stated that the primary focus was on one of his groomsmen. And, there were just a few pictures of him in it. Therefore, it made it appear like she was marrying one of his good friends. The edited interpretation does not include the bride walking down the aisle or even the wedding vows. After that, there is the video itself.

Sophia Martinez said that it was super choppy – a home video-like. The family of Martinez paid a company named Complete Weddings and Events just less than US$ 1500 to shoot and edit the video. They were also in-charge of providing the background music. Now, the couple is looking to get their money back. Rod told that this is really upsetting. He is just sick of the runaround.
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Bishops’ scourge over non-signing of civil marriage forms

The spokesperson of Ireland’s Catholic bishops has stated that the church might no longer engage in the civil aspects of marriages if weddings are extended to same-sex pairs. This move would suggest that tens and thousands of pairs who tied the knot in Catholic churches every year would have to go somewhere else to have their wedding legally recognized by the State.

These days, the Marriage Registration Form signing – a civil document needed by State in order to recognize a wedding – takes place following the wedding Mass. If the church conveys via on its menace to bring the do to an end, it would suggest that pairs would not officially tied the knot by church ceremony.

A spokesperson, this weekend, for the Irish Catholic Bishops told that he believed that priests would be doubtful to have any issue with bishops’ possible move to force all pairs tying the knot in the church to carry out the civil aspect of their marriage elsewhere.

Presently in a church marriage, following the Mass, the solemniser – well, in this case a priest – as well as the witnesses should all sign a civil document named Marriage Registration Form and this form is issued by a local registrar and the finished one should be returned to a registrar before a wedding certificate could be obtained. Read more »

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Bride’s heartbreak regarding missing marriage dress

Arguably, it is the most sentimental and precious piece of any bride’s marriage day. But only 3 months following her wedding day a Newstead newly married is dealing with the heartbreaking situation that she might never find her bridal gown again. Alice Ayling dropped her vintage-inspired, ivory wedding attire in to Lowes Dry Cleaners at the Gasworks shopping centre in December previous year and was stated to gather it after a month.

When she called the business back in January to see when she might pick it up the stunned bride was said that it was nowhere to be seen. In spite of a huge search it stays missing and the owner of the business have no clue as to what happened to it. Now, it is casting a pall over a day Mrs Ayling called as perfect and beautiful, with each seeing her wedding album leaving her longing to have her attire back. Read more »

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