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Wedding gift registries are markedly different

The things a couple files for before the wedding reveals a lot regarding the way society has altered over the time. Even though most of us share our parents values, yet people are living very different lives.

These days, people are a lot more tech savvy and they are even more adventurous and practical. Brit Morin, a wedding expert and Weduary founder, told that they are seeing fewer couples coming for traditional and formal dinnerware. A whole lot of marries couples might still gifted a set from parents and grandparents. These days, the couples are more casual compared to their parents.

Present day couples look for things that can be immediately used. This means – selecting items that can both be used for everyday use as well as dinner party. They also want gifts that would lead to unique experiences. Things like bikes and tents are high on the list of a whole lot of registries.

Carmen Hocking is in wedding planning business for more than twenty five years. She also agreed that couples have become more adventurous these days. Things such as can openers, blenders or toasters are rarely found on the lists.

Lawrence based A Beautiful Wedding’s owner Carmen Hocking added that engaged couples of this century are different from the bride-and-groom of the previous century. It is also a guilt free way to get items they want.

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Wedding band lost in a rugby game

Mystery fences in the drifts of a long lost wedding band that recently reappeared in a garage in Dunedin, almost thirty years after the ring went missing in a rugby game many kilo-metres away. Pieternella Shore and Ian Shore, who split their time between Wanaka and Dunedin, were stunned to get an email from a stranger at the weekend questioning if they were the owners of jewelry pierce which was earlier thought to be lost forever.

Yesterday, sixty six year old Mr Shore told that he read it and thought that this is just incredible. Mr Shore, who is a former member of Pirates rugby club, harks back taking his 18ct gold ring off for a match of touch rugby at the Hancock Park between twenty five and thirty years ago and leaving it with his gear near one of the goal posts.

The time when he came back to the same place following the match, the wedding ring was not there. He and his wife, who is now 61, searched the grounds for around a year on a regular basis. They even hired a metal detector. Later they gave up and bought a replacement ring.

Mr Shore, who is a financial adviser, has always believed that when you lose it on a rugby ground it is going to slowly work its way into the soil or grass, never to be seen again.

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Dream Wedding Marquees Movie Score: five / five