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Bride’s heartbreak regarding missing marriage dress

Arguably, it is the most sentimental and precious piece of any bride’s marriage day. But only 3 months following her wedding day a Newstead newly married is dealing with the heartbreaking situation that she might never find her bridal gown again. Alice Ayling dropped her vintage-inspired, ivory wedding attire in to Lowes Dry Cleaners at the Gasworks shopping centre in December previous year and was stated to gather it after a month.

When she called the business back in January to see when she might pick it up the stunned bride was said that it was nowhere to be seen. In spite of a huge search it stays missing and the owner of the business have no clue as to what happened to it. Now, it is casting a pall over a day Mrs Ayling called as perfect and beautiful, with each seeing her wedding album leaving her longing to have her attire back. Read more »

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A Touching Gesture by a Bereaved Couple

A couple in their 30s who had lost their newborn, are planning to ask guests present at their party to donate generously to the hospital where their child had been born , instead of giving them wedding gifts. Ella, 30 and Llyr Hughes, 35 got a rude shock when their baby Arthur was delivered still born in the month of June this year.

This shattered couple was looked after well by the generous staff of Wythenshawe Hospital. They had actually planned to solemnize nuptial ties the following year, along with their baby boy. However this mishap in their lives compelled them to change their course of action. They married much earlier than the planned date. They finally tied the knot on the 10th of November, 2014 at the Manchester Registry Office, which was also exactly 2 years after they had met at the Manchester Triathalon Club where both were members. They even flew doves in the loving memory of their son on this special day.

Amidst their celebration they have not forgotten to express their sense of gratitude to the hospital and have decided to ask guests attending their reception to donate blankets instead of other materialistic gifts. The couple has already accumulated a decent sum through the Just Giving Page.

Ella who is employed at Barton Clough Primary in Stretford expressed her grief on her son’s demise, but says that life must go on and also stated that she has asked for blankets for the cold cots used in the hospital. She is in all praise for this hospital that allowed them to stay with Arthur and took good care of them. This gesture of the couple is really noble and touching.

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